Sample Preparation


Automated solutions for
Sample preparation

bioMérieux and AES CHEMUNEX (a bioMérieux Company) propose a Complete automated solution from sample preparation to results.


Dilumat S gravimetric diluter

Standardise, Secure and Speed up the Microbiological Analysis.
Automating the sample dilution, using a Dilumat microbiology diluter, makes sure that the sample dilution has been done correctly and avoids any risk of false results.

> discover how Dilumat S gravimetric diluter enhances microbiology laboratories productivity


Smasher sample blender
Smasher, The blending (R)evolution for microbiology laboratories
Highest Performance - shortest blending time - Lowest Noise Level!
The new blender generation offers microbiology laboratories, the shortest and most efficient way to rapidly blend and homogenize their samples.

> discover Smasher features, the most advanced paddle blender for microbiology laboratories

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